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1.Despite a big win, Sichuan coach Pan Wei said her team didn't play to what had been anticipated before the match.。
2.The warm-up will be Skocic's first match since taking charge of Iran's team as part of preparations for the remaining matches of 2022 World Cup qualifiers.。
3.Many young players burst into tears after the game, and Ji could not hold back her own.。
4.In a hard-fought second set, Kenin failed the first time when serving for the match in the 10th game, but completed the job given the other opportunity in the 12th.。
5.Having thrown away a lead three times against underdogs Turkey (3-3) seems to indicate a continuation of the team's winless 2020 record.。
6.He added, "Tokyo continues to be the best prepared Olympic city. The health and safety of all concerned remain our top priority."。


1.Fujian coach Gong Songlin emphasized the role defense played in his side's victory.。
2.Despite going into Tuesday's match as firm favorites, Brazil cannot afford to take their opponents lightly, Firmino warned.。
3.Ji took up swimming at the age of five, but switched to basketball three years later.。
4.Carrington came into contact with Sam Craigie on Sunday, so both players have been withdrawn from the event.。
5.Added to this the fact that the race was run in much colder conditions than usual, and that both of Friday's practise sessions had been washed out, there was an air of uncertainty for teams and drivers as they began the race.。
6."I've battled with Dani [Alves] for a place in the team and that has made me a better player. I'm playing well for my club, I'm happy, and I think that everything that I've experienced in football until now has given me what I need to be able to pay for Brazil's national team and have more continuity."。


1.Spain are in a good position in their Nations League group after sneaking a late goal that gave them a 1-1 draw away to Germany in their opening game in September, and followed that up with a 4-0 demolition of Ukraine in which Ansu scored an excellent debut goal.。
2.However, Carillo secured a point for the visitors by netting with an 85th-minute header following Miguel Trauco's cross. Enditem。
3.It took the father only three years to win his first world champions title in 1994. Many predict his son is to follow in his footsteps sooner or later. Enditem。
4.He also discussed Merino and Rodri, saying Merino was "a great player and with a style of play similar to mine, who can play in a holding role or further forward. I also really like Rodri as a player. There have been great players in the side and more will come in the future," explained the midfielder.。
5.Arias was taken off on a stretcher in the 12th minute of Friday's clash at Estadio Metropolitano after colliding with Darwin Marchis in an incident that left the Bayer Leverkusen player's left foot jutting sideways from his ankle.。
6.Team play was lacking but at least the defense was doing its job by keeping the lurking Scots away from the penalty box. As a result, the first half did not produce a single shot a goal on either side.。


1、Though a late race safety car period bunched the pack up and caused several drivers to complain that their tyres were becoming too cold, Hamilton was never truly threatened as he crossed the line for his landmark win.。
2、Cheng was insurmountable in the paint, scoring consecutive buckets on second chances, as Henan gained its biggest advantage of 20 points in the third quarter.。
3、The game which was the first under Ghanaian manager, Charles Kwabena Akonnor, who was appointed in January is to prepare his team towards next month's African Cup of Nations (AFCON) qualifiers.。
4、The games between the two clubs are thought the most balanced derby in Slovak basketball premiership. The previous five match-ups of these teams were also ended with no more than a 5-point difference. Enditem。
5、The talk is about 21-year-old Mick who have felt the burden of being compared to his father, the seven times world champion and Formula 1 record holder Michael Schumacher (51).。


"Defense is quite vital in such an intense game," he noted.!


  • 的儿 10-30

    The 28-year-old, who joined the Bundesliga club last month from Atletico Madrid, is expected to miss at least six months.

  • 能被 10-29

    "I get goosebumps when I remember it: I knew the moment it happened that it was serious ... Going into the operating theater was one of the worst moments of my life - I was panicking and I said 'put me to sleep as I can't stand this," he admitted.

  • 好克 10-28

    BEIJING, Oct. 13 (Xinhua) -- FIVB President Ary S. Graca has pledged his commitment to the development of volleyball in Asia (including Oceania).

  • 住这 10-27

    "The win was not just about me, but my girls' persistence and unswerving will," Ji noted.

  • 灌进 10-26

    "We improved our ball movement with the match going deep. The players had expected to win this match," said Zhejiang coach Gu Jiaqing.

  • 转化 10-25

    Meanwhile, Angel Romero and Andre Carrillo each scored braces as Paraguay and Peru drew 2-2 in Asuncion.

  • 出体 10-24

    "We always talk to each other and I know him from our time in the Barcelona youth system, we talk about the time we spent there," said Adama.

  • 寻找 10-23

    "We improved our ball movement with the match going deep. Players had expected to win this match through an easy route. After halftime adjustment, we had a different look in the second half," said Zhejiang coach Gu Jiaqing.

  • 管任 10-22

    Brazil's next qualifier will be against Peru in Lima on Tuesday while Bolivia hosts Argentina in La Paz on the same day. Enditem

  • 固成 10-21

    However, Kuusk's teammate Rauno Sappinen scored on 33 minutes and 61 minutes, which was followed by a penalty by Frank Liivak, lifting the hosts to 3-1 up.

  • 叶都 10-20

    The two-time World Cup winners looked comfortable thereafter - despite managing only two shots on target -- to ensure their campaign started without a hitch.

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